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Grandview sits in the heart of the Yakima Valley where agriculture, burgeoning business, and the spirit of the small town intersect.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, "Grandview is on the move…and growing!"

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Why Grandview?

Our approximately 300 days of sunshine each year makes for an abundant, industrious, and active community.

Third lowest crime rate in Washington state!

Safe Community

Fast-track permitting and ready infrastructure!


Equidistant from Seattle, Spokane, and Portland!


If you are looking for a new community to locate your business, read on!

We have many commercial properties available with infrastructure ready-to-build and properties for rent to accommodate your range of business needs. We have and are developing new properties off the interstate exits for easy and quick access.

We have 11,000 residents and growing with many new housing developments adding affordable homes. Our Walmart Distribution Center in 2021 was the second largest employer in Yakima County with a workforce of 1,700 employees. The school district has been building new and larger schools to accommodate the growing student population.

We are growing and on the move. We are experiencing unprecedented growth in the last few years, and more is coming. We have just added 200 new homes and have approved housing developments that will add 800 homes within the next year. 

Scott Adams, a recent business owner, when asked his reasons for locating his new McDonald's here indicated, “We selected Grandview because it is growing … and its proximity to the interstate and community support.”

We are one of the safest communities in the state adding to our quality of life. We were recently ranked as having the 3rd lowest crime rates in the state.

We pride ourselves on having high-quality schools offering excellent education. Most recently, Grandview School District built an Architectural and Design award-winning high school with a new learning design, modern equipment, and beautiful sports facilities.

We have a Yakima Valley College Satellite Campus offering associate and bachelor’s degrees without having to leave Grandview. They also offer many workforce training programs for students ready to enter the workforce in local, high-demand industries. Additionally, a 35-minute drive provides access to Washington State University and Heritage University.

Grandview has five excellent clinics and two hospitals within seven miles. Prosser, just seven miles away, recently broke ground on a new $112 million hospital increasing its capacity and adding new health services.

We offer a business-oriented environment with fast-track permitting for new businesses. This commitment to businesses was recently demonstrated by the city providing $385,000 in grant assistance to 62 small businesses to help them recover from the adverse impacts of COVID-19. Read about Grandview's small business award here

We have many housing developers in the process of building numerous affordable homes. In the last year, and projected for the new year, we will see a total of 1,000 new homes ranging from $300,000 to $450,000.

Electric and natural gas companies offer competitive energy rates and some of the lowest in the state.

Our region is growing.

As large employers bring more employees to Grandview from neighboring communities and local tourism grows, our expanding population invites opportunity and makes for a population eager to welcome new retail and hospitality businesses. Come grow with us!

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$10K can go a long way—put funds toward licensing or permits, or for smaller businesses reduce the burden of your start-up costs. Whether large or small, we want your business to grow in Grandview. Click here to learn more!